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Attention all Hampshire Bowlers

On Sunday 27th November, I am attending the county Think Tank online and I’d love to know if anyone has anything they’d like me to bring up concerning the Inter County Rules.


Yes, I am addressing the fact the men would like to have shorts as an option for bowling in. 


❗️❗️This year, it cost a lot of money entering county teams ❗️❗️


We are aware that lineage costs are likely to increase significantly, especially as Hampshire does NOT have many sanctioned centres that we can go too. So, we will have to increase the price of trials. Would an increase in price of up to £15 (based on last year’s format) impact your decision to participate? 


I’d love to have your opinions on this situation and appreciate that it is short notice. Please email hampshire@btba.org.uk by Friday 25th November at 7pm. 


Hayley Russell