Hampshire Trials 2017

Team Managers for 2017:

Adult Men:         Dominic Buckley

Adult Ladies:     Maurie Phillott

Senior Men:       Ken Burton

Senior Ladies:   Jan Steiner

U15 Boys:          Steven Rowley

15 Girls:             Nigel Montgomery

U18 Boys:          Mark Heathorn

U18 Girls:          Jan Steiner

U25’s Men:        Dominic Buckley

U25’s Ladies:    Chelsie Williams

Please note the dates for qualifying and finals in the relevant age groups are:

2017 Dates of Tournaments:

Adults:             Qualifying Round:  2nd/3rd September            Finals: 4th/5th November

Seniors:           Qualifying Round:  3rd/4th June                       Finals: 14th/15th October  

U25’s:              Finals:      3rd/4th June (Airport)

U18’s:              Finals:     1st/2nd July (Dunstable)              

U15’s:              Finals:     6th August (Dunstable)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Emma Ashton 


Hampshire Area Secretary